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 Elspeth graduated from Acadia University, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree with many Art History courses. She then, began her Bachelor of Education Degree. Short one course from the degree, she moved to Houston where she received a Texas Teaching Certificate. Elspeth studied at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University upon her return to Nova Scotia.

Workshops with successful Canadian and United States potters, attending school at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, continuing education, and teaching pottery, all keep pottery magical for Elspeth.

One of Elspeth's specialties is "Raku", originating as a Japanese firing technique, which has been Westernized in North America. This has evolved for Elspeth into "horsehair Raku".

"Raku is exciting to produce. It is dangerous. It is elemental. The interplay of earth, water, fire, smoke, wind and chance a Raku artist's dance", says Ruth Apter.

Elspeth says that her pottery is constantly evolving. Not one piece will be the same as she continues to change. Inspiration comes from everyday experiences that influence the functionality of the clay, along with the importance of historical and cultural influences.


horsehair bowl detail